To Get Started

“Completely understand all pertinent information before any work is done.”  That’s our philosophy so we can lift your sole precisely.  If we haven’t modified a shoe for you before we recommend you Email us with a photo of your shoe and a brief description of the service you need, along with your phone number.  We’ll respond to your email or call you back to discuss your project.  If you want to ask any questions first, you can reach us directly at 773-339-9557.

Our Pricing

CLICK HERE to view our price list. 

Our prices include both our work and the cost to ship back to you unless we are shipping overseas, to Alaska or to Hawaii.  Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii costs $5 per shoe.  International shipping costs are determined after receipt of the shoe by weight and shipping distance.

We will estimate how long we expect to turn around the work upon its arrival into the store. If our estimated completion time is too long a wait for you, we can rush a job for an extra fee. Rush jobs take 1-2 days.

Please ship only the shoe we will lift. For every shoe we have to ship back to you that we did not work on, we charge a $10 shipping fee.

Ready to Ship and Place Your Order

Print this order form once you are ready to send us your shoe.  Enclose the completed form along with the shoe we are going to lift rather than the full pair and ship to us at, c/o Mont Clare Shoe Repair, 7181 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60707, USA.  You pay to ship the shoe to us.  Return shipping is included in our pricing.

Make a Payment

Once we’ve received your shoe and agreed on a price, we will send an invoice through PayPal.  The invoice will outline the work plan as we understand it so you can make sure there are no mistakes in the work specifications and will give you a chance to make changes.
If everything looks okay in the invoice, you will be asked to make the payment for the invoice total.  You can use any debit or credit card or a PayPal account if you have one.  We normally ship 1-2 business days after you’ve made the payment.


Terms of Service

Errors:  If we lift your sole in error, not in accordance to your instructions, we will correct the error at no cost to you.  Workmanship Guaranteed.  If your instructions were incorrect, we will correct the mistake at your cost for the labor, materials and shipping.

Lost Shipments:  The carrier of choice will be held responsible for lost shipments in accordance to their lost parcel policy.

Refunds:  There are no refunds.  However, we are willing to rework a lift.  Keep in mind, we are contractors, builders of lifts.  We are responsible for building a lift according to your instructions.  We are not medical professionals.  Please seek medical advice for your lift from a medical professional.