To Get Started

“Completely understand all pertinent information before any work is done.”  That’s our philosophy so we can lift your sole precisely. We need some basic information about you, the shoe we would be working with and the lift. To get started, simply fill out this form.  It will be emailed to Lisa at Once we have reviewed the form, we will contact you by phone or email, whichever you prefer. If you want to ask any questions first, you can reach us directly at 773-339-9557 or Email Us.

Our Pricing

CLICK HERE to refer to our price list.

We will estimate how long we expect to turn around the work upon its arrival into the store. If our estimated completion time is too long a wait for you, we can rush a job for an extra fee. Rush jobs take 1-2 days.

Please ship only the shoe we will lift. For every shoe we have to ship back to you that we did not work on, we charge a $10 shipping fee.

Keep in mind we always try to split the sole and insert the lift within. If we can not split the sole, we charge an additional $25 ($30 per boot) to put the lift on the bottom and re-sole the shoe. Send us a picture of the shoe you are considering to get some insights.  CLICK HERE for more tips about lifts.

Make a Payment

Once we’ve completed the preliminary order process and agreed on a price, please make your payment here: