Solely Orthopedic Lifts specializes in custom shoe modification for customers who need to accommodate discrepancies in leg length or other orthopedic needs.  The three main adjustments we make to our customer’s shoes include:


Loose Lift Inserts

Built to fit a specific shoe or a generic form according to shoe size, loose lift inserts are a simple solution for many customers.  We make both Full Length and Heel Wedge inserts.


Permanent Shoe LiftsSideBothAfter

Built into the shoe, a permanent shoe lift can be made Full Length, as a Heel Wedge, or a combination of Full Length and Wedge to correct pronation. Our showcase is filled with samples of the various types of shoes we can modify for our customers.



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Honeycomb Services

A honeycomb lift helps increase lift’s flexibility and lightens the weight of the lift. Honeycombing can be done on both loose lifts or permanent lifts.


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