Lisa Sorrentino became the official owner of her family shoe repair shop, Mont Clare Shoe Repair, in 2010.  The shop has been in the Sorrentino family since 1938.  Prior, Lisa started and operated her own online store and used the basement of Mont Clare Shoe Repair as her warehouse from 1999 tScreen shot 2012-12-13 at 5.50.35 PMo 2010.  She sold women’s sportswear online, fitting each customer one at a time with exactly the solution the customer needed to get and stay active. Lisa would listen to the customer’s dilemmas and offer a couple of options for her to choose from.  She vows to transfer that process to

In 2012, was born.  We use only Certified Orthopedic Artists, authorized by us, to do the work.  Because there is not an official school for this skill that would grant a certification, we created a Certification Test.   If the Orthopedic Artist cannot pass our test, they will not be considered to do the work for  In addition, we are training those with serious potential so this skill is not lost.

The folks behind are truly passionate about using shoe repair skills with precision in the orthopedic field and preserving the trade.

Our Certified Orthopedic Artists have the following qualifications:

  • Has successfully modified over 100 shoes
  • Scored 100% on our Certification Test of measurement interpretation, number conversion, and term definitions
  • Knows exactly where the (3) key measurements are on a shoe for modification
  • Knows the difference between hard and soft materials in relation to a lift
  • Able to successfully perform all of our add-on services